Coils - the material with thicknesses from 0.4 to 2.0 mm, width 1000 and 1250 mm;
Products cut from coils - slitting strips – from the material with thicknesses from 0.40 to 2.0 mm, width from 40 to 800 mm, in accordance with customer's requirements and / or material.

Material grade, delivery terms and conditions - according to the standard BDS EN 10130:2006, GOST 16523-97, GOST1050-88
Shape and Dimensions, tolerances on shape and dimensions, according to BDS EN 10131:2006, GOST 19904-90.
Documentary control for the coils - EN 10204-2004/3.1, EN 10204-2004/2.2, EN 10204-2004/2.1
Documentary control for the products from coils-EN 10204-2004/2.1, Documentary control for the cold rolled coils from which they are produced.

Cold rolled flat products

Cold-rolled flat products from low-carbon steel, uncoated for cold rolled deformation and subsequent processing into products according to the characteristics of cold rolled material.
Offered in sheets, bundles, coils and strips - cut to length strip and foil with dimensions according to client requests.

General application in construction, machine engineering, manufacturing.
Suitability for metal plating by an electrolytic method, or a hot and / or deposition of organic or other coatings.
The products are suitable for normal welding methods


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